Ballads & Tales: Journey of the Brave is an immersive dungeon-crawling board game for 1-5 players. Choose your preferred game mode: solo/coop or game master mode and discover atmospheric adventures. The intuitive rules prevent unnecessary long preparation times!
Boardgame Action-RPG Immersive Tactical
Solo/Coop Game Master Replayability Eventful Gameplay
Treasures Traps Magic Fantasy
60 Min.
Age: 14+
1-5 Players
Become a party of daring heroes with your friends and face off against bloodthirsty minions. Travel through dangerous forests, descend into dark dungeons, explore the ruins of formerly magnificent fortresses. Come to the aid of helpless villagers and become fabled heroes that the bards will write ballads and epic poems about.

This illustration shows a small selection of the components in the base game of Ballads


Tales: Journey of the Brave.

Thrilling Adventures in a Spellbinding Atmosphere The lovingly designed components that allow for the visual creation of many different scenes invite you to dive deep into the magical world of Ballads & Tales. There’s so much to discover: Dungeons, ruins, forests and villages Valuable treasures Magical artefacts Rare materials to upgrade armor and weapons Interesting characters
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A Variety of Unique Heroes Varied gameplay and a very high level of replayability have been part of our self-imposed goals for the game from the start. Nowhere does this become clearer than in the heroes of Ballads & Tales, an element we’re particularly proud of: Each hero has their own special ability. The choice of heroes determines the strength of the party as a whole. Depending on the heroes in play, different ways of supporting each other emerge.
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A Bestiary of Fantastical Creatures Like heroes, creatures have unique skills that make them dangerous opponents.
Easy-Entry Components The rules for Ballads & Tales: Journey of the Brave are intuitive and logical so you won’t have to reread the whole rulebook every time you take a break from playing. All profile stats have been visualized with symbols. Available dice are color-coded and easy to identify.
The character sheet: At the top are the individual cards, at the bottom the card with the profile values is pushed under the profile picture to save space. The skill cards are also shown below.
A Playable Work of Art Central to the design of Ballads & Tales is the fantastic result of our intensive collaboration with the highly talented artist Valbona Atanaskovska, or Bona for short ( and Instragram). Having been fans of her works for a long time, we were overjoyed when she agreed to visualize all of the characters according to our specifications in her unique style. Instead of just creating the characters digitally on a PC, Bona painted all characters in Ballads & Tales: Journey of the Brave, as well as its expansions, in oil on canvas in loving detail. This passionate effort is rare these days, and it helped turn each character into a highly crafted work of art. Bona’s talent for expressive and aesthetic faces and the nature of radiant oil paints in particular make her paintings and the characters come to life in unique ways and lend an incomparable and nostalgic flair to Ballads & Tales: Journey of the Brave. Besides the characters, Bona also painted the cover, the card backs and the items on the playing cards as well as the event and Spell Cards. We think they turned out fantastic!
The Event Cards drawn at random ensure exciting and dangerous situations during an adventure and thereby also increase the eventful gameplay.
The adventures dictate how many Equipment Cards the creatures may draw to make them an even greater threat to the heroes.
Not only do Boss Cards allow for exciting boss fights, they can elevate any ordinary creature into a powerful individual.
The wide variety of Trader Cards will give players lots of choice at the beginning of the adventure when they need to decide on the right equipment to take along.
Treasure Cards contain rare weapons and armor as well as magical accessories and potions.
Key items in this deck can open up new paths when used in the right location.
Resource Cards allow players to upgrade weapons and armor.
There are two decks of Spell Cards, one for the heroes and one for the Game Master’s creatures. Magically gifted heroes and creatures may use their spell points to equip an individual deck of Spell Cards.
Ballads & Tales: Journey of the Brave, Dungeons of Forbidden Necromancy, Under the Lost Ruins, Castle in the Endless Mist | copyright © 2016 - 2024 Benjamin Brinckmann All rights reserved.

The base game includes 20 double-sided printed tiles. There are several scenarios: Dungeons, outdoor areas and houses.

Photo of the prototype with old game material (German version) of the base game Ballads & Tales: Journey of the Brave.

Both the base game Ballads & Tales: Journey of the Brave and the expansion Dungeons of the Forbidden Necromancy will thrill players with atmospherically staged single adventures whose creative challenges make each of them a unique experience:
Many useful consumable items are included in the Loot Cards.
Blow up the exits of the extensive goblin caves. Enter the deadly decomposition and recover a valuable tome. Break an ancient curse that turned a poor merchant into a gold coin. Escape the invulnerable Nightmare. Free a young maiden from the hands of the Norgs.
The heroes can use skill points to get new skills.
The Adventure Cards allow for many exciting surprises during an adventure. We don't want to spoil anything :)